I'm Chris Knowles, and I joined the games industry in 2007. I've worked on several games since then, the most well-known of which is RuneScape — until 2021 I was a senior engine developer at Jagex. I went part-time in late 2019 to start up this venture, Sidequest Ninja, to make my own games. For my first solo adventure I'm making a puzzle game, Hexahedra. Puzzlers are one of my favourite genres, and Hexahedra is a sensible size for me to tackle by myself, although I am contracting artists and musicians to make the game look and sound attractive and satisfying to play.

I'm livestreaming the development of Hexahedra on Twitch, so do come and see if Hexahedra looks like your kind of fun. I'm always happy to chat about general game dev stuff, too. I also have a development blog.

I'm a Christian, saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and heading for eternal life with him. I write about geeky stuff from a Christian perspective sometimes, check out my other website if you're interested.