Hexahedra Kickstarter, Part 2

If you've been following Hexahedra's development, you'll have seen that sadly the original, ambitious Kickstarter didn't get funded. Obviously this is a disappointment, I won't be able to make Hexahedra as I originally envisioned it, with multiple different factory environments.

BUT! I will finish Hexahedra, and it will be released. It will still have all the mechanics and levels that I'd planned. It'll still have a level editor that plugs into the Steam Workshop. It'll still have a stats server - I'm also going to be writing a Twitter bot that will post whenever a record gets broken.

So, today I launched Plan B, a second Kickstarter with a much lower goal. This will let me offer rewards to backers — getting a copy of the game cheaply at the lowest tier, or designing a level, getting your name in the game, getting beta access, etc. It'll help cover the costs of the few remaining assets I do still need, like sound effects. Although I do have the funds to cover these in their cut-down form, having some of the income arrive early will make things easier.

The new version of the campaign video is here:

If you backed the first campaign, then thank you once again for your support, even though we didn't hit the goal. I hope you'll back the new campaign, so you can get the game with the same features, just without quite so many graphics.

KickstarterBanner700-1Click to visit the campaign page.

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